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The Morality of the Criminal Process and its Effects on a Victim Essay

The Morality of the Criminal Process and its Effects on a Victim - Essay Example As the article stresses discipline is an overall wonder that cuts across even the littlest units of society, families. No general public can live easily without forcing discipline on guilty parties who conflict with the laws and customs administering them. This could propose an acceleration of wrongdoing however then again discipline has just been estimated by people’s feeling, which regularly go about as substitutes to the idea of violations that criminals carry out. Discipline despite everything stays a hindrance that draws in steady discussion. The word wrongdoing has been exaggerated with the way that law recognizes it at one point as opposed to at various viewpoints. By explaining this, wrongdoing is a widespread term utilized in law to signify a crime paying little mind to its height, except if it is profoundly investigated. From the paper plainly beginning from a solitary parent family, she is squeezed to go the additional mile of getting cash, which incited her to shop lift on the grounds that she didn't have cash to get her mom a present for Christmas. Breaking down her contention shows regret and lament for her activities yet then again it delineates her distress to meet her and her family’s needs. This shows how she is up to speed amidst life issues that if the appointed authority legitimizes her point, should give a fitting discipline. The contentions showed by the legislator doesn't at all have a drop of pity to the poor young lady and her family by saying that the absence of work doesn't raise wrongdoing and for this situation not a reason for Shirley to shoplift.

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Why I Agree with the Libertarian Party Essay Example

Why I Agree with the Libertarian Party Essay Example Why I Agree with the Libertarian Party Essay Why I Agree with the Libertarian Party Essay Exposition Topic: On Liberty We live in a country established on Liberty. The Purpose of the establishing of the United States was to protect the individual opportunities of its residents while giving a reasonable overseeing body. Their trademark Minimum Government Maximum Freedom depicts my definite emotions when managing how to show a nation to Freedom. The Libertarian Party speaks to me since they have faith in Minimum Government and Maximum Freedom. The Libertarian Party speaks to me since they put stock in Minimum Government and Maximum Freedom. One issue that I concur with the Libertarian Party is when managing the economy. The gathering accepts that a free market economy is the best, and need to put forth a valiant effort to help the individual privileges of business substances, for example, partnerships, cooperatives, and intentional business elements. In any case, they don't put stock in direct government contribution in the economy. Libertarians accept the legislature has no spot financing organizations or rescuing them. This additionally obliges the conviction that legislature has no spot contending with private industry, for example, social insurance or training. Libertarians immovably accept that the activity of the legislature in an economy is to battle extortion and to create a confided in cash. In addition to the fact that they believe government ought to have negligible impedance in the economy, Libertarians additio nally feel that administration should avoid Labor Markets. Libertarians accept that associations ought to be isolated from the administration, and that legislature ought not be responsible for what is characterized as a reasonable compensation for work being finished. In addition to the fact that I agree with the Libertarian Party in household financial aspects I additionally concur with their point of view on outside issues. The Libertarian Party speaks to me since they have faith in Minimum Government and Maximum Freedom. I concur with their viewpoint on international strategy in a wide range of issues. One issue that I concur with them is that the United States ought not be policing the world. Libertarians t

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Thanksgiving and a Small Hack

Thanksgiving and a Small Hack We’re approaching the end of the semester with remarkable velocity. There are just two more weeks of school before finals, and all of my classes have already assigned the final pset of the year. Post-Thanksgiving is effectively Christmas, so everybody cue an abrupt switch of music genre. Today I’m just going to ramble about minor happenings this week, starting with Tuesdays 18.02 lecture. Class opened with something rather unusual massive stacks of flyers were being frantically passed from person to person before Professor Minicozzi arrived: Of course, this hack has been executed before, but it is no less impressive to perform it again. We patiently waited through an introduction to Stoke’s Theorem (to which nobody was very attentive, I’m sure), and, at the appointed time, magic happened: Poor Professor Minicozzi didn’t even get to finish the example about surface integrals. Of course, as a hack, nobody knows who was responsible, but it was executed perfectly and was a great way to end the last lecture before break. In other Thanksgiving-related news, Conner 3 had an early Thanksgiving potluck last Sunday. Nearly our entire floor planned, baked, cooked, or at least pretended to, and had an extravagant dinner together in the Porter room, an ancient ex-dining-hall-turned-common-space on the first floor of Burton-Conner (and by first I mean second, because we start our list indices at 0 like real programmers).  The food, company, and conversation were all equally fabulous, and it felt great to have an excuse to break out formal attire.   Open potlucks are generally heavy on unhealthy desserts, so I made sure to break the trend by mixing prodigious amounts of sugar, corn syrup, rice krispies, peanut butter, and chocolate chips into a pan of bars that probably had a higher energy density than weapons-grade plutonium. It also hopefully tasted better, with marginally milder side effects. After the potluck, the leftovers were later stolen and devoured overnight by Conner 2, which will definitely incur some form of retribution. Watch your back, C2. And finally we received our first real snowfall of the year, just in time for Thanksgiving Day. Wednesday’s weather was miserable, with high winds and the worst possible mix of rain and slush, but it allegedly left us a beautiful dusting of snow overnight before promptly melting just when I woke up. Most of my friends are complaining about the outrageously cold weather, but a quick glance at status of my hometown 5 degrees Fahrenheit with 6 inches of snow puts the relatively tropical Boston winter at the top of this year’s list of things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be thankful if you’re with your family this weekend; not all of us are so fortunate.

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Young and Free Idioms Story

Learn new English expressions in this short story about what it takes to be successful in a small company focuses on the use of idioms in context. Youll find idiom definitions and a short quiz on some of the expressions at the end of the story.   Young and Free: Prerequisite for Success Lets face it: In todays business world you need to be young and free of attachments to strike it rich. Its a dog eat dog world out there and youre going to have to work quite a lot. Of course, not only will you have to work quite a lot, youll need to be flexible and ready to take advantage of anything. Thats where the free part comes in. Ive got a young friend, hes only 25, but he fits the bill perfectly. Hes single and hes hungry. Hes willing to start from scratch and, best of all, he isnt afraid of putting his nose to the grindstone for those 80 hour weeks. He decided to take the bull by the horns by going starting up his own business. He found a software developer who knew the internet inside out. This young man was also very ambitious. He left his safe job at the drop of a hat. They were both reaching for pie in the sky, and they were ready. They also were lucky. They founded a startup and got into the whole social networking business in 2002. In other words, they were early birds and they were willing to sink or swim. Probably the most important ingredient in their success was that they were willing to play things by ear. They kept their ears to the ground, moved full steam ahead and drove hard bargains. Soon, their business was growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, they had some stumbling blocks along the way. Who doesnt? Still, they got the jump on the competition and by the year 2008, they were multi-millionaires. This sort of success for the young and free now has copycats around the world. Idioms Used in the Story at the drop of a hat immediatelyby leaps and bounds very quickly (used with improvement)copycat someone or a company who tries to do things like another person or companydog eat dog very competitivedrive a hard bargain to make a business deal that is very advantageous for youearly bird someone who takes early advantage of a situationfit the bill to have the right characteristics for somethingfull steam ahead to continue with full commitmentget the jump on someone to get the advantage over someone by starting earlyhave ones ears to the ground to pay attention to rumors, news, and industry insidersknow something inside out to have expert knowledge about somethingpie in the sky something very hard to achieve, a dreamplay something by ear to improvise in a situation, react to a situation as it occursput ones nose to the grindstone to work hard and put in many hourssink or swim succeed or failstart from scratch to start from the beginningstartup a small company that begin s to do business, usually in technologystrike it rich to become rich, often by creating a new product or service successfullystumbling block a difficulty or hurdle that stands in the way of successtake the bull by the horns to confront a problem and deal with it Expression Quiz I think Peter ______________. Hes perfect for the job.Its _____________ on the project. We have no time to waste.Dont pretend youre like Kevin. Nobody likes a ___________.The business person ________________, but we had to accept her offer.I think its best to _________ the meeting __________. We need to consider everything.He founded a ________________ in 2008 and made millions.Our business has grown _________________. Were very happy.Im afraid I think that idea is ______________. It will never work. Quiz Answers fits the billfull steam ahead / sink or swimcopycatdrove a hard bargainplay the meeting by earstartupby leaps and boundspie in the sky More Idioms and Expressions in Context Stories Learn more expressions using stories with one or more of these further idioms in context stories with quizzes. Its important to learn and use idioms in context. Of course, idioms are not always easy to understand. There are  idiom and expression resources  that can help with definitions, but reading them in short stories can also provide context that make them come more alive. Try reading the story one time to  understand the gist  without using the idiom definitions. On your second reading, use the definitions to help you understand the text while learning new idioms.

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Entertainment in the Fifteen Hundreds - 783 Words

In the past, people created their own entertainment without the use of technology. All what people did was work, come back home, and work more or write. They did not have electricity to provide light, instead they used candles. When they gathered around at a feast or banquet people told stories to each other ,they also sang to each other. Some people even read for fun. People watched people die for fun too. Today we rely on technology for our entertainment; we wait for the ‘next big thing’. â€Å"Technology has become the great equalizer of the entertainment industry†, Chris Jordan once wrote. Entertainment in the 1500s was extremely different compared to today’s entertainment. The different types of social classes had their own type of fun too. The most popular entertainment was mostly sports, theaters and dancing during the 1500s. Sports were very popular and played a lot back then, we still even play some of them today. History on the NET said, some of t he most common sports that are still present today include, Fox Hunting, Sword Fighting, Leaping and Throwing the Sledge Hammer. Fox hunting is obviously hunting foxes; sword fighting might seem odd today or not even be counted as a sport. Commonly they are used in movie films, video games, and for enjoyment. Leaping is when someone tries to jump over or on a bull, Throwing the sledge hammer is when two players throw a sledgehammer the farthest and whoever does wins. Sports are always going to be popular no matter what.Show MoreRelatedWhat Makes A Club A Choice Of Entertainment For The Patrons Of Wichita983 Words   |  4 PagesWith little entertainment options in Kansas, there is always one place you can go to let loose and have fun. Club Rodeo is the only club in Wichita that offers prime entertainment for the price. Club Rodeo informs us that â€Å"[they] have the only live snot-slinging bull riding action in Kansas† (web). Everyone that goes there would agree with their quote. Therefore, I will evaluate what makes this club a prime choice of entertainment for the patrons of Wichita. The criteria for my evaluation will be:Read MoreShould the Drinking Age Be Raised to 21?785 Words   |  4 Pagesage be raised to 21? Teenagers between the age of fifteen to eighteen are drinking an average of nine to eleven cans of beer per week. They will ruin their lives if they dont cut down on the alcohol. Should this be enough to raise the drinking age up to twenty-one? Teenagers do not understand how dangerous alcohol can be. BBC News proved that the UK has one of the worst problems in Europe, with a fifth of children aged eleven to fifteen drinking at least once per week. There is evidence thatRead More Viacom Essay1057 Words   |  5 Pagesdistribution of entertainment, news, sports, music, and comedy. Viacom’s well known brands include CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, VH1, BET, Paramount Pictures, Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom Outdoor, UPN, TV Land, Comedy Central, CMT: Country Music Television, and Showtime. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Some of the Broadcast and Cable Television that were by Viacom are some of the following: CBS Television Network is the Number one most watched network with more than two hundred stations providingRead MoreGreenbush Vs. Burke Heights1154 Words   |  5 Pagesattention to while comparing the neighborhoods was the economic and employment opportunities available within the communities. These benefits directly correlate to the amount of capital that is available for residents. Lastly, I took note of the entertainment, retail, and physical possibilities that prevailed in these neighborhoods. The first subject I will compare is the housing within each neighborhood. First, in the Greenbush neighborhood, the majority of people are either college students or youngRead MoreI Hate Reality TV Essay840 Words   |  4 Pagesseason is a harsh, empty period of time. Fresh programming is at a minimum, leaving me to either rehash old broadcasts, scan the wasteland of hundreds of other channels offered by my cable company, or; god help me, just turn the ol TV off. Lately, with the current trend of programming choices, I have been opting for the latter of the three, finding my entertainment in print form (crazy, I know). The primary factor contributing to this oustanding decision has been the broadcasters (and I suppose in turnRead MoreThe Arctic Ice Sheet Polar Bear Roams The Wilderness1361 Words   |  6 Pagesthe world. Each bear in the Ursidae Group is unique, but they all share a lot in common. Bears are strong animals that vary in sizes, but they all have the same strength. They can range from twenty-five to sixty-five kilograms or up to eight hundred kilograms(Tanya Dewey and Phil Myers). In the wild it is most common for the males to be larger than their female counterparts, sometimes you could run across a male that is twice the size of the female. When looking at each bear some characteristicsRead MoreIs Broadway Dying? Essay1672 Words   |  7 Pagescompares to Broadway is the theater district in West End of London, England. Just how big is Broadway? â€Å"Located in and around Times Square, the roughly thirty-five legitimate Broadway theaters form the backbone of one of the most highly concentrated entertainment districts in the world along with London’s West End† (Simonoff). The city of New York has had a professional theatre district since the eighteenth century. As time went on, the district slowly moved uptown to Broadway. In the early 1900s, theRead MoreTechnology and Sports Marketing1043 Words   |  4 Pageshas changed sports at the professional, collegiate and local levels into an Industry of Sports Entertainment that produces hundreds of billions of dollars, has global reach, and serves all types of customers and fans who anticipate content and interaction anytime and anywhere to satisfy their mounting and diverse needs. Sports and sports marketing will persist to evolve and advance in the next ten to fifteen years, adapting to shifts and changes in demographics, consumer behavior, the economy, technologyRead MoreAnimal Cruelty And Its Effects On Society1074 Words   |  5 PagesFor years, animals have been a form of entertainment whether it has been in movies, shows, circuses, or for a romantic night out. Most families love this type of entertainment because it is kid friendly and believe it is cool to watch animals do all kinds of tricks. But do they ever wonder what really goes on behind closed doors? Entertainment animals have had to endure a lot of pain, depression, and torture in the process; aside from that not all of them have that â€Å"happy ending.† No one enjoysRead MoreEssay on Human Trafficking1101 Words   |  5 PagesHart (2007) claim their estimates differ from the reality of the true number of commercial sex workers. Though similar to Blackburn, Taylor and Davis (2010) they provided that the number range from sixty thousand to seventy-five thousand to four hundred thousand sex workers in Thailand. According to Singh and Hart (2007), The World Tourism Organization reported in 2004, the total number of international tourists reached 763 million which contributed $693 billion dollars toward the sex industry.

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Pride and Prejudice Is Concerned with Various Aspects of Love and Marriage Free Essays

string(85) " quite astonished when she finds that the Bennet sisters did not draw, play or sing\." Pride and Prejudice is concerned with various aspects of love and marriage. Discuss. â€Å"Pride and Prejudice† by Jane Austen, was written in 1797, when women were still dependent on men for their livelihood and marriage was a tool for women of the time to get settled in comfortable households. We will write a custom essay sample on Pride and Prejudice Is Concerned with Various Aspects of Love and Marriage or any similar topic only for you Order Now During the turn of 19th century in England, balls were one of the places to socialise, in other words, an opportunity for most young women to look for suitable husbands. Many of the Jane Austen novels centre on the theme of love and marriage, and it can be said that it presents to us the social history of England. Raymond Williams said, â€Å"Austen’s novels provide an accurate record of that moment in English history in which bourgeois society most evidently interlocked with an agrarian capitalism. † Austen’s Emma is a case in point in which the lead heroine is a match maker and though she herself vows not to marry but eventually falls in love with George Knightley who is the owner of an estate. Similarly, in other Austen novels, the story revolves around men and women interacting and socialising, and leads to an end where the heroine is happily married. Pride and prejudice is not free from such a theme, while marriage is a big concern, we also see development of love and the growth of relationships especially between Jane and Bingley, Elizabeth and Darcy. Pride and Prejudice starts with the comment, ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. This clearly sets out the pace of the story and we come to know that men with property are being highlighted. Mrs Bennet with five daughters to take care of and who also wants to protect her future after her husband’s death, feels it a great responsibility to marry off her daughters in well off households. So, when she hears of a Mr Bingley with ‘four or five thousands a year’, she pesters Mr Bennet to meet him for the sake of her daugh ters. This shows how she has already raised up her hopes that perhaps ‘he may fall in love with one of them. Mr Bingley is not only in the hunt list of Mrs Bennet but also on several other women’s too in the neighbourhood. Mrs Bennet makes a comment on Mrs Long ‘She has two nieces of her own’, which suggests that she is desperate to get her hands laid on him before he commits to another woman. The question is why women needed to be in this institution of marriage. One reason, as it appears, is the social status, and the other, the future comfort that marriage promises to women. As Wollstonecraft quotes, â€Å"†¦ he only way women can rise in the world- by marriage. † Why Charlotte gives in to marry Mr. Collins is only for a promising future and to free herself from being a burden to her family. Also, Mrs. Bennet throws her daughters into the marriage market in hope of acquiring them a social status. But why did women have to run after wealthy men? It i s only because women did not have any income of their own during that time, so they needed financial support through their husbands to run their lives. Had this been not the case and if women were working, marriage would not have become a priority of life for women just to gain a stable future and financial status of men would not have mattered then. Even now some mothers like Mrs. Bennet, who have adopted such notions of marriage of that time, still talk about getting their daughters married in good households. For them the future is all about marriage, they can’t separate the thought of their daughter’s future from the thought of them being married one day. Similarly, for Mrs. Bennet, Jane marrying Mr. Bingley is an excellent prospect; Elizabeth, being Darcy’s mistress, has the promise of living a luxurious life. Though Elizabeth is the heroine of the novel, Jane’s life takes a centre-stage in the eyes of the characters as she is the most beautiful of all the women, and so everyone is involved in her love life as they believe that with her beauty she can captivate any man of fortune. She is then thrown into the marriage market. From this we also come to know how love is not the first priority but economic status in society is what women want to seek through marriage. We also see how beauty played a role for catching good husbands. Charlotte Lucas who is seen as another potential candidate for Bingley in the beginning, fails because she is not handsome enough. She ultimately marries Elizabeth’s cousin Mr Collins just to gain financial security. This, maybe, because of the lack of education that women received. They were only educated in the arts that were necessary to be a â€Å"lady† and also the ones that would make them a good housewife. Another quote by Wollstonecraft: â€Å"It is acknowledged that they (women) spend many of the first years of their lives in acquiring a smattering of accomplishments; meanwhile strength of body and mind are sacrificed to libertine notions of beauty, to the desire of establishing themselves- the only way women can rise in the world– by marriage. And this desire making mere animals of them, when they marry they act as such children may be expected to act- they dress, they paint, and nickname God’s creatures. Not only ‘well-educated young women of small fortune’ were in want of husbands but as Amrita Bhalla in her essay ‘Property Rights of (Wo)men’, writes ‘Even women of fortune were not spared an orientation for marriage- their chief concern was to be â€Å"accomplished† in a specific manner, dictated by the current times. ’ Perhaps, marriage enhanced their status in the society. Lady Catherine de Bourgh is quite astonished w hen she finds that the Bennet sisters did not draw, play or sing. You read "Pride and Prejudice Is Concerned with Various Aspects of Love and Marriage" in category "Papers" Single men are the primary target for young women in the novel. We see Elizabeth’s younger sisters out with men at quite an early age. They are quite attracted by the officers in red coats. We see Lydia and Kitty socialising with the officers and they seem to be the most excited ones at the prospect of marriage. Mrs Bennet encourages them to go out, as she wants to be free from her duty as soon as possible. There is an attitude of urgency towards marriage not only to get husbands of fortune but as in Lydia’s case who runs away with Wikham, is ultimately married to him for the sake of the status of her family in society. She then feels quite proud of the fact to be the first one of her sisters to get married. We also see Mr Collins, a single man with considerable wealth, who wants to marry desperately, keeping his eye on the Bennet sisters. Although, he notices Jane first, after knowing she is taken he settles on Elizabeth but he is refused by her. Jane Austen quotes, ‘It is always incomprehensible to a man that a woman should ever refuse an offer of marriage. ’ Mr Collins finally finds civility in Charlotte Lucas and she consents to his marriage proposal for the prospects of future wealth. The narrator comments, ‘Without thinking highly either of men or of matrimony, marriage had always been her object; it was the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune, and however uncertain of giving happiness, must be their pleasantest preservative from want. ’ While the novel is focused upon different attitudes towards marriage such as marrying for financial security or social status, we see elements of love which sprout slowly and finally blossom by the end of the novel. It’s the love between Darcy and Elizabeth that develops most slowly but as is it does, we see a change in both the characters. Darcy is the first to fall in love, but it is after his proposal is refused, that he reflects upon his behaviour. He then realises his mistake and tries to undo all of them. He tries to restore the honour of the Bennet family by making Wikham marry Lydia. It is his love for Elizabeth that urges him to help her in all way possible. He even gives up on his ‘pride’. This change in him develops a stronger feeling of love in Elizabeth towards Darcy. She too introspects and realises how prejudiced she has been all along. She falls for Darcy but we are not quite sure when exactly her mind changes although she jokes that she happens to change her mind when she visits Pemberley. Therefore, love gives rise to self-reflection and an alteration in attitudes of the main characters. Austen does not directly dwell into love in the beginning of the novel. While marriage is the main focus, love happens eventually between the principal characters. The ‘disagreeable’ and proud Darcy is not fascinated enough to fall for Elizabeth at first sight but as he sees her more and more, he is captivated by the beauty of her eyes. He starts studying Elizabeth’s character more and more, and falls for her deeply. He ignores his status, while he proposes to Elizabeth, although she does not belong to an equal background. Elizabeth justifies herself in front of his aunt, â€Å"He is a gentleman; I am a gentleman’s daughter; so far we are equal. † Darcy being the ‘prince’, who marries an ordinary woman, gives Pride and Prejudice a fairytale ending. Another couple who are affected by love is Jane and Bingley, Jane falls passionately in love with Mr. Bingley and he falls for her. When Bingley deserts Jane, her love only grows for him while he is away. They too have a happy ending when Bingley finally returns for her. Austen is quite subtle in the presentation of love among her characters; they do not delve into passionate love making, but grow feelings of love and care for each other. There are overall five important marriages in the novel: Mr. And Mrs. Bennet, Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins, Lydia and Wikham, Jane and Bingley, Elizabeth and Darcy. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are quite opposite in their characteristics which is why they have conflict of ideas, and hence, fail as a couple whereas, Charlotte and Mr. Collins do not share any commonality between them either. Both of these couple lack the emotion of passionate love for each other. Charlotte is married to Mr. Collins only for future support and not because she loves him. Wikham and Lydia’s marriage again is not borne out of love, but it is a compromise after their little runaway trip together. The only successful marriages that seem to be are of Bingley and Jane, and Elizabeth and Darcy. Both these pairs are lovers and the men in this case ignore their status and social obligations to marry the women they love. After he hears about Elizabeth and Darcy, Mr Bennet says, ‘If any young men come for Mary or Kitty, send them in, for I am quite at leisure. ’ He is overjoyed for his favourite daughter for finding herself a ‘superior husband’. Hence, we notice that having a superior husband was considered important at that time and this is one of the points that feminist writers point out in their criticism against Jane Austen because of her including such a statement. She ends the novel on a happy note, with all her heroines happily married. Although, marriage is seen necessary for monetary support but ultimately Austen characters cannot escape love. Mary Wollstonecraft in Vindication of the Rights of Woman felt that if women were better educated, they â€Å"would not then marry for support. † Pride and Prejudice, thus, shows us how the society in 19th century England looked at the social institution of marriage. We can, therefore, conclude that Pride and Prejudice deals with various aspects of ‘love’ and ‘marriage’. How to cite Pride and Prejudice Is Concerned with Various Aspects of Love and Marriage, Papers

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The Iliad The Odyssey ( Homer ) free essay sample

Compares Odysseus Achilles concern for their reputation as motivation for their behavior. This study will examine crucial scenes from Homers epics The Iliad and The Odyssey, focusing on certain characters concern with their reputations as a major motivation for their behavior. All Homeric characters, to some degree, care about their reputation, about how others perceive and evaluate them and their worth as, primarily, soldiers. The question is the nature of the reputation about which they are concerneddo they only care about being seen as a hero for their own sake, for egoistic reasons, or do they see heroism and reputation as a factor in some larger concernfor community, family, homeland, and humility before the gods. Charles Segal writes, In a shame-culture, like that of the society depicted in Homer, where esteem depends on how one is viewed and talked of by ones peers, kleos [heroic glory] is. We will write a custom essay sample on The Iliad The Odyssey ( Homer ) or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page .